Thursday, November 6, 2008

My incredibly biased opinions on President Obama...

I went to bed the night of the election knowing that Obama was going to win although I did not wait up for the official announcement. I had been expecting it for a couple weeks now. I usually listen to the news or the radio every hour of the day but the last two weeks I stopped caring. I never wanted McCain in the first place, he was my least favorite of the Republican candidates in the primary. I just couldn't get fired up over him (although when Palin was announced I did get excited for a few days until the media tore the poor girl apart). Despite that, I could NEVER vote or support Obama. I refused to jump on the annoying "CHANGE" bandwagon or the "HISTORY" bandwagon. I certainly, like everyone I know, want change but I don't want Obama's form of change. I am fundamentally opposed to everything about him. Everything he stands for. But I haven't found myself 'depressed' over his winning either. I worry about the future with Obama. I worry about gay marriage (which will be 'legalized' under his administration). I can't worry about abortion because it is already legal but I am sad to know that it will continue under this administration. I worry about his tax plan. And I really worry about his health care plan. I worry about his associations with TERRIBLE people. But I know one good thing will come out of this, at least it should. Racism should end. There is nothing to talk about. There is no repression or unequal rights. It is time to move on. Anyone can achieve what they want to irregardless of color. I hope he will motivate many of our African American citizens and I really hope he will put Jesse Jackson out of a job (and Al Sharpton) (oh and Jeremiah Wright).
I am so frustrated that McCain won the Republican nomination. No one I knew liked or supported him so how did he end up winning?!!! I just can't get over that. Oh, how I wish Mitt Romney would have won. All I can do at this point is wait four years and then hope Mitt Romney (or some other great conservative) will fix this mess. But honestly I hope it isn't a mess. I hope Obama surrounds himself with smart intuitive people unlike himself and his previous associations. Opps that was mean, I am sure Obama is smart but I don't feel that he always acts it and of course since I disagree with him, he must be the stupid one! LOL. But seriously I hope in four years I will look back on this blog and say "Man, I sure was wrong about him". Any chance of that happening?
The reason I didn't stay up all night to watch the official announcement of Obama being the next president is because I saw a clip of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid celebrating their majorities in the House and Senate and I did get depressed. They scare me. They are loons. True loons.
Sorry for the lack of facts in this blog, I just wanted to say what I wanted to say without much thought. That is why it is so scattered. Maybe I will edit this blog one day when I get some motivation again. I really just don't' care. I have never been so apathetic about politics in my life, except for every single day before I turned 23 when I didn't care. So I guess the correct statement would have been "I have never been so apathetic about politics in the last five years". Thanks alot, Bush!
Now that I have posted four blogs tonight, I must go to bed. Good night!

Riley and Jada's updates...

Riley really enjoys pushing Jada in the stroller! It is soooo funny because we will be walking down a hallway and Riley will run into one wall then straighten out and head straight for the other wall. When I go to try and help him just by holding on to one handle, he pushes my hand away and says "No touch"! So I let him continually run into walls. Jada likes it too as long as I say 'boom' each time she is collides with the wall so that she knows everything is okay. This pictures was taken at the doctors office in the waiting room. It was the easiest entertainement EVER!!!

This was taken after I just got back from joining the YMCA after a FREE 6 week trial membership. I was reading all the paperwork and Jada was playing with the balloon and LOW AND BEHOLD Brett actually took a picture without me asking him to. It was a momentous event!!! Anyway, the YMCA is so awesome! Our family was awarding financial assistance which means we go for SUPER cheap and it includes child care while I work out and personal trainer advice. Their child care facility is sooo huge and nice that I feel it has helped Riley get over the stranger anxiety that plaqued our family for six months. He loves the Y and the big SUN sculptrue that sits infront of the entrance. Oh and he loves pushing the handicap button to open the doors for me and Jada. And he loves to push the elevator button and then run over the people coming out so he can push the buttons inside the elevator before I can stop him. How does he always find the alarm button?! He likes to make pit stops on the way to the play center to watch the old men playing raquetball and then the teenagers shooting hoops. And then when we go home, he likes to eat at "bus". Translation for "bus" is Chickfila. I have NO idea where that came from but he consistantly calls Chickfila "bus". Jada cries the ENTIRE time at the Y. I think the attendents hate it when I come but I don't know what to do. There is no other time during the day that I can go and we end up going during her nap time. She truly is a beast if she doesn't get to nap when she is ready!

Here is Jada's close up. I actually think she looks real pretty here. I don't usually say that about her out loud because everyone thinks their kids are cute but I really think this in one of the best pictures of her. I am so glad that she is becoming a happy baby finally! Jada is crawling nowadays and pulling herself up onto furniture and whatever else. She can't get down once she is up so she just whines for help until I can rescue her from her apprently incredibly stressful ordeal! She and Riley are playing together a little now that she can get around but he is becoming increasing jealous of her. He didn't care when she was the little blob that lies on the floor but now that she is getting around it makes him upset. When he gets caught digging her head into the floor, he gives me this look that is surprising so innocent that I really wonder if he knows what he is doing is bad or if he is just acting off instinct and can't understand why I am upset.

Our ward play group went to Zoo Atlanta last week and at the end they have this awesome playground that I have never been to (even though I have been to the Zoo about five times)! Riley only recently learned to jump with two feet (maybe about a month ago) so he really loved this thing. It is kind on like a trampoline, I don't really know how to describe it but I thought the pictures was cute.

So that is our family update....

Non contact sports-

Brett's bruise from playing racquetball!


So now that Halloween is old news, I am ready to post my pictures. Figures that is how it would work out!
Riley and Jada were both monkeys because they are both monkeys- all over the place and into everything imaginable. Plus they were super cheap on Craigslist!
For Halloween we met up with some friends (and people I didn't know) and went to a local neighborhood where it is a requirement that you go ALL OUT for Halloween! They had shows, animated dummies that looked super real, chainsaws, tombstones, everything (even candy). It was real fun but so many people are there that I found myself more stressed out trying to stay out of others way that I would forget to look around.
Riley's favorite candy this Halloween- suckers! Jada's favorite- formula!

This was Jada before her nose got rubbed off.

This was AFTER trick or treating, since we forgot to take pictures of Riley beforehand. I know monkeys don't have whiskers but I started with the noses and it was sooooo cute that I just kept going and then I still thought it was cute so I didn't wipe it off. By the way, Brett's shirt is visible from space!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Riley is 2!

We didn't do much for Riley's second birthday, unlike his first. We started the morning off by going to a friend's house so Brett and I could get some exercise. Then we went straight to my dad's house to help him with his computer. Then we came home so he could take a FOUR hour nap and when he woke up I took him to Toys R US. They have a HUGE Thomas the Train set that Riley HAS to play when we are there. I don't know how he fell in love with trains so much but none the less, he did. We got a balloon and crown from Geoffrey and high tailed it home to get ready for the ward Trunk or Treat. Even still we were an hour late so we missed most of the activities.
And that was it. Next year will be a whole other story. I think by then he will understand more of what is going on.
Oh. I do have to mention that the weekend before his birthday my family had a family reunion and my sister threw a birthday party for Riley while we were there. He had gifts, cake, games, and all that fun stuff. He mostly just looked frightened from all the attention! I had to leave in the middle of it to feed Jada. I can't believe I forgot to bring a bottle to a family reunion- BIG MISTAKE!!!!!! I thought "well I will be around her the whole time, there is no need for a bottle" but in reality I would be in the middle of some fun game or a freakin birthday party and I would have to dismiss myself! But now I know.

I love you Riley!

I wish he knew how to fake smile! We are working on it!