Monday, October 13, 2008

Diaper Dash

This is a very embarrassing story, actually, but I think I will share it anyway. Brett and I went to the YMCA and they were having some sort of party and train rides. They had an event called the Diaper Dash but I quickly dismissed it because Jada is not even crawling yet. Some how Riley had gotten away from me and I started looking frantically for him. I turned around and there was Brett and Riley standing at the start line of the Diaper Dash. I quickly grabbed my camera just in time to catch Riley SMOKING the competition. I mean, he smoked them by about five minutes! That's because they were all crawlers or barely walking, doing the Frankenstein walk! I couldn't believe Brett entered him into a competition where everyone else was a baby! MEN!!!!

This is the man congratulating us on our incredibly stiff and challenging victory. We actually won a baby proofing consultation where they come to our house and help us make our house a little bit more safe for the babies. Heck, I don't want them to come though. What would they say about a baby sleeping in a closet? That would probably be against their rules!

On the free train ride. Riley really didn't enjoy it too much, as you can tell. He would rather chase down babies leaving a breeze so strong it knocks over the competition (since they can hardly stand, you know!!!!)!

Riley and the conductor.

Five kids!

A few weeks ago, I volunteered to drive to Alabama and watch my sister's kids while her and her husband went away for the weekend. Kid count...five!! But it was awesomely fun!! Her kids are mostly older so they took care of themself and gave someone for Riley to play with. And they LOVED Jada! Oh, and my dog Shadow was there too and they LOVE Shadow! Brett was there too but no one really cared about him (ha ha just kidding).
I only was able to manage getting out of the house twice because it is ALOT harder and significantly more time consuming with five kids. The two outings were on going to the park on Saturday and to church on Sunday. Church was very interesting and much better than I thought it would be. Jaeden and Merigan just colored the whole Sacrament meeting which entertained Riley. Rhiannon enjoyed playing in the aisle and I just let her (hey, they aren't my kids)! Jada almost made it through Sacrament but I had to leave the last five minutes (and Rhiannon trailed right behind me). Rhiannon is three days older than Riley but they couldn't be more different. She actually likes me!!!
Well here are some photos...This was a HUGE slide that Riley was scared to death to go down.

Little Diva Merigan and Jaeden in the background.

Jaeden and Riley playing together. It looks sweet but Jaeden was REALLY annoyed with Riley cause he kept distroying what she was trying to build. She is not the first kid to complain of Riley doing that.

Here is cute Rhiannon, Jaeden, and Riley having a choclate lovers snack.

I thought it was a good idea to throw all the kids in one bath but maybe not...

Has it been that long?

I know everyone has been anxiously waiting for me to make a posting and I am sorry to keep ya'll waiting so long! LOL. Let me explain where I have been the last month... Facebook! I became obsessed with Facebook because I was preparing for my high school reunion. I was searching for people and trying to update myself as to what others have been up to. I was soooo nervous about the reunion and I wanted to have some information to help with conversation pieces.

What a waste!

There was two parts to the reunion. The first was my high school's homecoming football game and the second was an after party at a club. I couldn't make it to the football game because Brett had class til 9pm. I didn't want to deal with trying to find a sitter for the game but I did have a sitter for the after party, Angie Douglas (who also lent me clothes, shoes, and jewerly). So I went to the party and there were only about five people were there and they weren't people I was interested in reconnecting with. So Brett and I just stood around. Finally someone came that I was interested in talking to and while talking with her two more people came that I wanted to talk with and so on. In total, I only reconnected with six friends, certainly not worth all the time and stress I spent preparing for the reunion. I left at 1am and was glad I went but disappointed with the lack of friends that came to the reunion.

I recruited myself to be on the planning committee for the 15 year reunion. I would like to do something during the mid day so that kids can come and we can have a BBQ and just a real casual good time. Then in the evening go somewhere else, I am not sure where but certainly not a club where you have to scream into each others ears to hear one another.