Saturday, July 19, 2008

Utah/ San Francisco Vacation

On the 4th of July we traveled to Utah for two weeks of free babysitting, I mean visiting family. I decided to take care of Jada during the flight and felt like I was being nice to Brett in giving him Riley. Usually a newborn would be easier but Jada is a VERY fussy baby and I was dreading it. Well she turned out to be perfect and I guess Brett had a terrible time. He ranked the flight on a scale of 0-10, a 0.5. I guess it doesn't get much worse than that. Jada just slept the whole time and I was sitting next to a cool couple who had young children and they didn't mind if Jada got fussy or kicky or if I had to feed her. So we get to Utah safe and sound and head down to Lehi to spend the night with Brett's brother, Ben and his wife Marie. And their two young kids (11 months apart if you can believe that). I tried to visit my long time friend Robin who coincidentally lives next door but she was gone for the holiday festivities. The next day, Saturday, we went to Bear Lake and hung out with Brett's cousins, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, EVERYONE! It was a long drive for one day but I figured the kids would not sleep well in a trailer with a million people around all the time. So we headed home.
Sunday we went to church so Brett could show off the kiddies to all his friends. Somewhere during the day I got food poisoning because I woke up in the middle of the night puking. I had to cancel my plans with my dear friend, Ruth, who happened to be visiting Utah too.
So Monday I was sick all day and on Tuesday we headed out to San Francisco. I had been preparing for this trip for months because we wanted to leave the kids behind with Brett's parents. I had to spend lots of time pumping breastmilk and then teaching Jada how to drink out of a bottle. And I had to get her used to formula because there was no way that I was going to be able to pump enough milk for four whole days. It was hard leaving my itty bitty baby behind but I am so glad I did! I had the best vacation! Brett had meetings to go to all day so I just slept, watched TV, went swimming, worked out, whatever I wanted! It was so awesome!
We got back from San Fran on Friday night and Saturday we just lounged around all day and played with the kids. Sunday, after church, we drove down to Lake Powell, a seven hour drive. I was also nervous about this drive and the whole trip being in the extreme heat with no shade. The drive down was great, Jada slept for four hours and Riley was in a great mood. Boating was tons of fun too! Our trip was cut short because while my huge butt was wakeboarding, the boat broke down. We had to call the marina and be towed back. I was freaking out because there was no breeze to keep the kids cool and it was sooooo hot. Brett played with Riley in the water and I kept pouring water on Jada's head and trying to give her water from my finger. I tried to get her to drink out of a cup but she was way too young for that but I think she enjoyed it running down her body. We only waited an hour and the kids were great. I am very pleased to inform you that neither of the kids got burned from both days we went on the lake. Actually, Riley got burned in the corner of his eyes where I didn't dare put sunscreen. But all the family members were great in allowing me and the kids to be in the shade of the biminy the whole time. And I put tons of sunscreen on them. So, the boat had to go into the shop and we just sat around the hotel the whole day and the kids were already restless but they had to sit through another seven hour drive home. They weren't very good especially the last couple hours. It was so late at night but yet the kids just wouldn't sleep and they just cried. But that was nothing compared to the flight home. Brett and I had agreed to switch kids this time but that didn't help. They were awful! Riley couldn't sit still and Jada wouldn't stop crying. Yes, we were the parents of the annoying kids that people dread when they board the plane.
So, now we are home and the kids still have not adjusted back to GA time. It is 11:20p and I am holding Jada and typing with one hand. Brett is cuddling with Riley and watching Batman. Man, I miss my babysitters!