Monday, August 25, 2008

Which one is Riley and which one is Jada?

It is sooooo obvious to me but I am wondering if it is obvious to anyone else.
Both are 5 months in the picture.
Take a guess...

Family Photo

Our most recent family photo:
Brett, Jessica, Riley, and Jada
Jada's 6 month photo!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fun things

Here are some fun things we have done recently.

Riley and Jada at Chastain Park.

Jada's first 'solids' feeding.

One day last week, Riley was really into doing the things that Jada does. All day long, he wanted to do everything she did. Either be wrapped in the blanket, watch tv on the couch, or take a nap with her. The one with him leaning over her happened when I went to the back for a few minutes. I came out and Riley was just sitting next to her on the floor, giving her toys. Sorry, if it isn't a clear picture.

I went to Monkey Joes on Tuesday with Lindy and Camille from my ward. At first I was skeptical as to whether or not it would be fun for Riley. He is so reserved and clingy. But it was only $2.50 with a coupon Lindy had so I figured it would be worth a try! It was so awesome. Riley really liked it. I can't wait to go back! While I was there I got a coupon for $2.00 off so hopefully I will go back soon. The cute 6 year old is my neice Madison who I was also babyistting.

Best friends!!!
Jada with Madi Douglas!

I didn't put Madi on Jada. She crawled over to Jada and started kissing her and putting her arm around her! I ran as fast as I could to grab my camara!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Brett is making me some money!!

Brett had a summer associate position at a local law firm but it was only for 6 weeks. Well, those six weeks came and went and the last several weeks/months we've had no income and no student loans. It has been SOOOOOO difficult and stressful. Finally, mid last week, Brett got an email from the same law firm he worked at earlier in the summer, asking if he would be willing to come in for a few days to help them meet a deadline. Of course he said yes!!! He has worked everyday and long hours too. Today he is working 15 hours all the way til 1 am (the filing dead line). Then he has been asked by a few other lawyers to come in some the rest of the week to help with various other tasks! Today has been hard on me to be alone all day and deal with the babies but it will be so worth it when Brett gets paid! I have no idea when that will be or what is hourly rate is but anything is better than nothing.

So, I have such a crazy busy week this week that I think I will write it down.
Tuesday- Monky Joes in the am with Camille and Lindy. Babysit my neice from 9:30 til late. Braves Game at night

Wednesday-Babysit Trey and Madi Douglas (two more babies). Brett has something to do for a few hours but mostly he will be there the whole day to help me. A surprise birthday party for one of our friends at night. Then even later that night we are going to the airport to pick up my sister in law, Natasha.

Thursday- wakeboarding in the am. Playground in the early afternoon. Bring dinner to Jen Ayers who just had a baby. Hopefully I can go visit my dad for a few minutes after that. Then we are taking Tasha to the Lazer show for a late night.

Friday- Aquarium in the morning. Then the Varsity for lunch. Then the late afternoon, I am starting a temp job where I will go and take care of an elderly man everynight for the next ten days. Since Tasha is in town, I plan on leaving Riley with her and if Brett isn't working then I will leave Jada too. That would be awesome! It would be like free time even though I would be working. A change in pace is just as good. Oh, and Shadow has to go to the vet to get his ear cleaned out since he has chronic ear infections. But Brett will have to do that since I am being the breadwinner for the night!!! :)

Saturday- supporting Brett in a wakeboarding competition. And of course taking care of the elderly man at night.

Did anyone even care about that? I bet that was boring. Maybe Tasha will like it, because she likes anything, especially if it has her name in it!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Jada sitting up!

I forgot to post pictures of Jada sitting up. Her first time sitting up was when she was 5 months and one week. It is funny because I always had kept in mind that Riley sat up around 5 and a 1/2 months so there was no reason to rush. But I was looking at my photo album and I realized that Riley actually sat up at 5 months. So I plopped her up and she sat up. First try. She kind of leans on her hands like in the picture but she balances herself so that she won't fall over.
Can you believe that even though she is sitting up she still hasn't rolled over? She just lies on her back without even trying to be on her tummy! She realllllllly hates tummy time! Who am I kidding? She hates tummy time, back time, or any other time! My little cry baby!

This is Jada smiling big in the jumper. This is truly a rare moment because usually she cries when I put her in it. Who am I kidding? She cries if I put her down whether on the floor, jumpers, or anything else! My little cry baby!

Now, this is more like the baby I know!

Awesome pool (and bee stings)!

Check out this awesome pool I went to off Sugarloaf Parkway yesterday! It took me almost an hour to get there but it was soooo awesome! Not pictured is a HUGE slide that curved and twisted! Riley is a scardy cat so he only went down it twice and I had to force him both times.
Jada really liked the pool. She kind of splashed around. Riley hates the water so he just walked around and followed Trey Douglas (except for when Trey went into the deep end). At the end of the fun day, Riley stepped on a bee and I grabbed him and sat him down to check out the site. The bee was stuck to the underside of his foot so I swiped it off (it was dead) and had to remove the stinger and all the muscle tissue that was attached (I know it was muscle tissue because I looked it up online). Riley was walking around on his tiptoe for a little bit but quickly forgot about it.
At 5:45 am this morning, Riley woke up screaming. We thought he feel off the bed, so I sent Brett in to get him and we found out that Riley had thrown up all over his bed. Brett cleaned it up and changed his clothes and then I remembered about the bee sting. So we took off his PJ's and examined his foot but nothing was wrong with it. The actual sting mark was nearly gone. Riley has been soooo sick all day with a temp of 101.2 . Sleeping and pucking and whining and I have no idea what is wrong with him! He won't eat or drink. Nothing. Tomorrow I will go to the doctor if he has another bad night.