Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Addiction update...

It has now been over two weeks since I begun weaning myself off sugar and it looks like I was right in my last posting where I said I thought I was at rock bottom. It has gotten alot easier for me lately. I have decided to extend it for another half week due to alot of 'breaking' the diet. I didn't need to break the diet (all but once) but I was in social situations where it would seem awkward if I didn't eat something. But each time I broke the diet I found that eating the dessert was not a pleasurable as before. It was a nice tasty treat but one slice was all I needed. This was not the case before. Once I started I couldn't stop and eat bite was as if I was satisfing an uncontrollable urge that was finally getting what it desired. I really hope I am free of that. It seems like I might be.
Now I am beginning to plan my recovery plan so I don't relaspe. I think as long as I can keep other foods to munch on including chips, popcorn, etc then I will be fine. My friend Jennifer was telling me about a 'diet' that she is on where she only has one medium size treat or dessert a day. I think that is an excellent idea to install in every day life. Or at least a good guideline.

Brett wanted me to inform everyone that he was faithful in keeping the diet even behind my back.

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