Sunday, March 22, 2009

Moot Court is over FOREVER!!!!!

Brett has an obsessive personality. Last year he competed in a competition representing his law school and made it to the semi-finals and won Best Brief! It was a huge deal and I was very proud of him. Well, it came time for Brett to do Moot Court again and I became real sad. I love Brett getting involved in things but this competition takes 100's of hours. Between all his commitments, combined with Moot Court, he is just never around. This years regional competition was this weekend and I decided to go with him because I wanted to see him perform. I mean he has lived, eaten, and breathed this thing for the last five months, I was anxious to see what it was all about. All of Brett's expenses were paid for by the University (including the hotel) so all I had to pay for was my plane ticket which we used a companion flight for, and some food. I had to find babysitters which included some great friends of mine and my mom and sister. It was kind of a hassle to deal with them passing the kids around each day but I felt bad asking any one person to watch my kids all weekend, for free.
Brett won his first round quite easily and then won his next one too. However he lost in the semifinals as was the case last year. We don't know if he won any 'honor' awards yet and we should know in the next week or so. I thought Brett did a wonderful job. I love to watch him do what he does best because it gives me so much confidence in him. I get so nervous because of the economy but I know that Brett will be successful one day.
The other GA State Law School team ended up winning the whole tournament and I was proud because they gave Brett alot of credit and said that they wouldn't have done nearly as good as they did if it hadn't been for Brett pushing them and helping them. Brett should have been in the finals with them. The team that Brett lost too went against GA State and they did terrible! It was so hard that Brett lost because the judging is so subjective with no specific criteria. Brett and his partner were clearly better in the oral argument. Oh well.
So, I am torn because I am soooooo happy he lost and Moot Court is over but I know he is disappointed. It was hard for him to watch the finals and know that he could have done better than the team that ended up winning 2nd place.
Brett now tells me that he wants to help coach Moot Court next year so I guess it isn't over forever. I am okay with him coaching as long as he spends the minimal time that he can get away with. Since Brett has done so well the last two years, therefore making the law school look good, he wants to keep that legacy going and feels a responsiblily to do so.
Brett is quickly on to his next obsession... wakeboarding!

After the competition we went to an Aquarium resturant where we had big fat steaks!

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